acupressure points stress



Commonly recommended acupressure or acupuncture points for the support of pain symptoms related to ongoing exposure to stress:


Located in the depression at the ball of the foot, requires substantial pressure as it is a deep point.


Located at the side of the skull - trace a line diagonally upward from the ear toward to the back of the skull. Where that line intersects another imaginary line coming up from the neck muscles is the point.


Located on the outside edge of the tip of the fourth toe, next to the little toe


Located on the wrist crease just below the little finger


To try this acupressure point, apply consistent pressure, using either the thumb, the second thumb joint, or the tip of the first or second finger for 2 to 3 minutes on points suggested while focusing as much healing energy into the acupoint as possible.

For additional information on locating these points please consult our acupressure points charts.